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A Land Shaped by Rivers

What's InsideAppreciate this colorful tile mosaic of the Delta and its rivers. The Arkansas Delta is a land made by the constant change in its rivers. This constant state of change creates a unique cast of characters to inhabit its plains - from katydids, cicadas, tree frogs and goat suckers to skunks, rabbits, opossum, bats and deer. Even bobcats, bears, minks, weasels, shrews and alligators. Not to mention the bass, paddlefish, gar and sturgeon swimming in her waters.

Delta Rivers Airways (3 minute movie)

Hop in our crop-duster and experience the Arkansas Delta from the sky! The Delta is a landscape of meandering rivers on a vast alluvial plain. Most of the natural bottomland forests have been converted into rice, soybeans, cotton, and catfish culture.

The Worthless Swamp

You will learn the value of the wetlands and the wildlife on it. The wetlands provide a natural flood control, a nursery for fish and shellfish, an area to purify, and filter groundwater, food and habitat for numerous species of wildlife, and also provide recreational opportunities such as boating, duck hunting, and fishing.

Changes to the River

In this exhibit you will see how the Arkansas River flowed more than 150 years ago and how the 1927 flood almost washed Pine Bluff away.

River Rat House Boat Theater (10 minute movie)

Come and discover the experiences that the first explorers have to go through in the wilderness of Arkansas. Learn how the settlements got adapted for the last four and a half centuries in the deepest swampy areas of our state.


Oxbow aquarium: Meet the fishes and other aquatic animals that can tolerate the murky, slow current, and low oxygen levels that are found in oxbows.

Delta Rivers aquarium: This aquarium represents the Arkansas River with a variety of habitats, some with sandy bottoms and fast-flowing current areas, and other locations that are slow-moving with muddy bottoms.


When you finish your expedition, pick up an educational and fun souvenir at the center’s gift shop, stocked with great books, toys, caps, shirts and much more!

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