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The Governor Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center has a variety of resources that can be used across disciplines to enhance all types of curriculum. Teachers are only limited by their imagination!

Teachers and educators, click here for a list of professional development classes or workshops currently scheduled around the state.

Science Videos

Another resource available to teachers is our extensive collection of science videos that can also be checked out. The videos cover a variety of science topics and are usually no more than 30 minutes in length. For a complete list, contact the nature center.

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Planning your Experience!

Conservation education is a fun and enriching experience that awaits you at the Governor Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center. Programs that basically fall in the categories below are offered to teachers and students.

  • Animal Programs
  • Trail Tour
  • Laboratory Program
  • Outdoors Skills

Most of these programs support the state curriculum, and the staff can work with teachers to develop customized programs. We try to tailor our programs for each specific age group – lower elementary (grades K-3), upper elementary (grades 4-6), middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12). Tell us about your environmental education needs, which age group is targeted, and we will design a program for your group.

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Program Menu

Below are examples of programs available at the nature center (and remember we can design a program to meet your needs):

Alligators (Animal Programs)

Have an up close and in-personal experience with an American Alligator! Students will learn about reptiles and what makes the alligator special. At the end of the presentation, students who would like to touch the gator get their chance! (45 minutes)

Other animal programs include possum, snake, birds of prey, fish, and amphibians.

Trail Tour

The Delta Rivers Trail tours take your group through our nature trail with many stops along the way to point out the unique plants and animals we see along the way. (45 minutes)

Laboratory Program

We have a working lab here at the Nature Center and will be glad to assist your group in a dissection program. You simply need to book a date, order the preserved animals to be sent to us, and then show up for your program. Typical lab dissection programs include fish and frogs.

Archery (Outdoor Skills)

We have an archery range and the equipment needed for your group to learn the skill of archery.

Canoeing (Outdoor Skills)

With nine canoes onsite and a nearby lake and bayou, we have ready access to the water. Flatwater canoeing courses can be taught at beginner and intermediate levels – but be prepared to get wet.

Other outdoor skills classes include BB gun handling and marksmanship, Survival, Orienteering, and Bird Watching.

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